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Fafa (Rafael Marquez) is an artist from Seville actually live in Swiss, who started to paint Graffiti in 1998 but he was involved with painting creation since he was a little child. In the begining he was very attracted for the hip-hop culture, so graffiti was the perfect thing for a painter to be inside of it. When he started he was also a student in fine arts school of Seville, so he was never so good in letter styles like in classic graffiti but way more in characters and landscapes... Since then he's always using the same language with different technics. Fafa finds his Inspiration in the Joy of doing it, from the joy of painting outside, but also on canvas. He learned a lot from the old masters of painting, during his studies at the art school of Seville. Fafa uses a lot of techniqes and tools, such as brushes, acrilic, oil, markers and spraycans. But he always uses only one tool fort he whole piece. One tool, but many colours, because for FAFA, there is never one colour alone. Colours always react in relation to and these combinations can make the same color look completely different, he says.
First time in Italy with Memorie Urbane on 2018 for a big wall in Fondi.
Fafa street artist and painter from spain

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