Fiumani aka Mani

Filippo Fiumani is an italian artist, born in Loreto in 1987. He works as a visual artist and street artist since 2002. His wide range of influences, mixing street art, trash, digital art, painting, photography, video and technology helped him to create hisown unique imaginary and aesthetic.

His D.I.Y. (do it yourself) approach is based on a skate/punk root, wich gives him a need to develop his artworks as sustainable as possible. His raw strokes reflect his impulsivity and teh urgent need to communicate troughts and messages.

Due to his experimentalnature he is constantly looking for new tecniques. Since 2017 he has focused on recycling and reusing materials to create art.

Fiumani’s art studio are based in Lisbon (Portugal)


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Available from 27 June at 20:00 GMT +2

screen print one color on paper cotton 300gr

hand finished by the artist each unique

size 50 x 38 cm

edition of only 20

come with coa

made for the artistic residency in Maranola for Memorie Urbane 2022

edition made by Street Art Place

Link of the 360° view

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