Before Ememem, there was a visual artist, in an underground Lyon collective. Mosaic and ceramic research, wild installations in the street, design, restoration of old mosaics, self-produced rock concerts... In short, a succession of research and artistic desires furiously motivated by a taste for the unpredictable. Above all, in everything, an appetite for poetry, materialized the day the first flacking was born, without premeditation, in the provocative pothole in front of the workshop.

"It was inevitable to bring out this first sidewalk-plaster. I let my hands heal the bitumen but everything that happened before in my life led me to this."
Looking at this first work installed in the ground, noting the effect it produced on passers-by, Ememem had finally found meaning in his philosophical research: he was going to fill holes for the rest of his life.

His experiences finally converge in the same direction: the question of repair in an urban environment, the poetic effect, the resilience system in city trauma. He then optimizes his technique which he calls "flacking" derived from the French word "flaque" and takes the nickname of Ememem, the "bitumender"

Ememem realise intervention in Terracina with Memorie Urbane on 2018 and 2019 for firrst time in Italy.

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