Theic is an Uruguayan artist based in Lisbon, Portugal, since 2008 he is dedicated to work in different areas of art such as photography,painting, design and sculpture. In 2010 together with Florencia Durán he started the project Colectivo Licuado, which is dedicated to make mural interventions in public and private spaces, since 2013 this collective travels around the world to participate in urban artfestivals and artistic residencies in countries such as Spain,Portugal, Italy, United States, Brazil, Argentina, India,Germany,Croatia among others. Theic's studio work is very influenced by classical painting, greek mythology and contemporary cinema, his work is figurative and the human being is the protagonist of it, the technique and color take much relevance in his painting in order to obtain works of realistic character.

With Memorie Urbane on 2023 partecipate at collective show 'My Song'


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