Pablo Zabala (1994) was born in the Basque Country and currently lives in Getxo, Vizcaya. He grew up near the sea and nature, which meant creating a strong bond with the natural environment. His first contact with painting came with classical graffiti, establishing itself as an important discipline in his career as he became fascinated by painting and the interaction with space. After studying fine arts, he quickly chose painting as his primary medium of expression. Over the years, his interest in painting and nature became naturally related to each other, where the two are constantly connected and his themes emerge as he questions the relationship between the human and nature. In his paintings he uses complementary colour ranges, mainly cold colours. He uses photography and natural painting as a way of approaching reality, but when it comes to painting he is constantly guided by intuition.Colour, stain and are the main characteristics of his work, seeking a fluid painting. This leads him to work in a fast but reflexive way at the same time. His most important projects are those in which he has been linked to these factors and his birthplace, Vizcaya. A province with mining and industrial origins. Knowing its transformation from his childhood to the present day has been a key point in his latest projects, being fascinantes by spaces with historical weight as he has been attracted by the evidence of the relationship between space-time. Clear examples of this are his GRIS projects on the Vizcaya Bridge, a historic monument and Unesco heritage site, or his last intervention in Galerias Punta Begoña in Getxo. He has participated in different international mural festivals such as Most festival (Navarra) or Muralfest (Kosovo). He has also participated in selfsuggested art projects in Indonesia and the Canary Islands.


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