Bartek Świątecki aka Pener ( b. 1981, Lives and works in Olsztyn, Polska ) He was gratuated with honours at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, The Faculty of Fine Arts, we made exhibitions in coutries like New Zeland, Poland, USA, Austria and France. He also won a Bronze Medal from the Polish President for merits and years of service in education in 2019.

His painting works (from an abstract style) frequently go beyond the frames and enter the urban space. He’s been creating large format wall murals and site-specific installations for many years. He frequently treats his paintings as a kind of puzzle that needs to be solved or a logical game consisting in a search for composition, some sort of clusters or tension of colour. He paints in cycles increasingly frequently - several paintings at a time. That is funny because he has a 40m workshop and everything is clustered so that he virtually cannot move from the door to the window. Wherever he turns his head, he sees some work to do: a composition to finish or a colour to set. Such work mode gets him into some sort of trance and automatism that he really likes. He says he works like a machine or a factory. Then comes the painstaking process of building the composition, finishing and finding some sort of balance between those two stages of painting: the initial spontaneous case and destruction and the final raw, logical order. He’s interested in leaving mistakes, patches and bumps under the structural net and pure surfaces - they introduce some sort of a human elements.

With Memorie Urbane on 2023 partecipate at collective show 'My Song'


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