Andrea Grieco

Andrea Grieco (Naples 1974) graduated in modern literature from the Sapienza University of Rome with a thesis on the history of cinema dedicated to William Friedkin, the director of the cult-movie The Exorcist. He is a literary and film critic for various print and online publications, including Cinemastudio, Alphabetcity, and The CinemaShow; video maker with dozens of short films to which various awards and prizes have been awarded. He is currently a teacher of Italian and history, author, essayist and writer, his analogue novel State distant, illustrated by the artist Dast and published by GRRRzetic, as well as the first monographic essay on the work of the controversial Spanish illustrator Miguel Angel Martin, Out of my brain for the NPE guys. Among his many projects are three magazines that have inflamed the Italian independent publishing circuit of art and comics, Nervi, Antropoid and Medicine Magazine. Among his latest collaborations, critical interventions for the art magazines Art&Investments and Exit Urban Magazine stand out. Produces art work. Assemblage and multi-material collages with which he continues his research on visual languages ​​by practicing techniques that have the iconoclastic and disruptive attitude of the historical avant-garde and which are regularly included in group and personal exhibitions.
Paola Fiorido (art critic) writes about him in the November 2021 issue of Exit Urban Magazine:
A collage artist, like a tailor with his silver scissors, glue, magazines and papers reworks disturbing images, erotic scares from the rawness of his reflections.

With Memorie Urbane on 2023 partecipate at collective show 'My Song'


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