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Martha Cooper

Martha Cooper, an iconic American street photographer, lives the life that many would envy. Ever since the early 70s, she’s been capturing the essence of street culture and art in NYC, which was and still is the very center and  melting pot of various lifestyles. Cooper started small, shooting her closest neighborhoods, but her immeasurable passion for street photography set her on the road to success and fame.  She has been capturing street art for more than forty years and her passion for photography hasn’t vanished even after such long and arduous career.

In italy with Memorie Urbane on 2015, when we made a show of her work and 2 special limited edition with our gallery

Martha Cooper available for sale, her pictures. Buy now!

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MARTHA COOPER - Banksy wall...

The legendary photographer Marta Cooper for the exposition in "Gaeta Contemporary Museum" for Memorie Urbane 2015, have decided to out a limited edition photo of Banksy wall realised in New York for the october 2014 residency.

 size 28cm x36cm on high quality photo paper.

the only one available are the number 2 of 75

contact us for enquiry

that edition are made by street art place

MARTHA COOPER catalog +...


Free Shipping in different country with DHL service

Catalog of the italian expo curated by Davide Rossillo  signed and limited to 25 copies size 23x 21 cm - 82 pages

The poster signed on edition of 100 signed and numbered by martha cooper 

poster size: 50cm x 70cm on paper 160gr

included a  portrait of martha cooper  realised by  Flavia Fiengo signed and numbered, size 20x30cm

come wih coa

that edition are made by street art place



The legend Martha Cooper, realised this pic of Pixel Pancho at work in Baltimora

Limited to 75 signed and numerated by Martha Cooper

come with coa

Size: 28cm x 36cm on high quality photo paper

with the artwork a portrait of Martha Cooper made by Flavia fiengo on limited edition signe dand numbered size 20x30cm

free shipping for selected country

that edition are made by street art place