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Sweet Toof


Sweet Toof’s work starts with and evolves out of his street art, whether as a solo graffiti artist or in collaboration with others. Like the streets of 1980s New York, Britain’s streets today are being reclaimed by an ever-increasing army of street artists of which Sweet Toof is one of the most prolific and artful.  Typical tags, throw-ups, and more elaborate street pieces become a whole language that informs his studio works. Equally disciplined in traditional painting and printmaking techniques, Sweet Toof masterfully blends urban detritus with bygone decadence. Fusing ancient methods with modern materials, Sweet Toof’s imagery combines layers of historical and current cultural references to create unconventional, iconoclastic art that is at once both traditional and contemporary.



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Sweet Toof - Neon Vapours -...


SWEET TOOF "Neon Vapours" Limited Edition Print

12" x 15"  31 x 38 com

4 color screen print on paper cotton 300gr

signed and numbered by the artist in front

this is the number 19 of 30

framed size 60 x 52 x 6 cm

frame free from from a show

come with coa

ship on flat

if you prefere shipped on roll contact us at

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