Paulo Ito

Paulo Ito was born in 1978 in São Paulo and started painting in public spaces in 1997. His work can be seen in the streets of the city's west zone. Until 2011 he published the independent comic book Mais Barato Grátis which totaled more than 5mil copies distributed for free. He exhibited at MuBE in the second International Graffiti Biennale of São Paulo in 2013. A year earlier he participated in the show São Paulo Mon Amour also at MuBE. He painted a panel that became the biggest viral of the 2014 FIFA world cup going out in media outlets in more than 20 countries reaching millions of people around the world. In 2016, after painting a gable in São Paulo for Greenpeace's Save the Tapajós project, he exhibited at the Second International Biennale of Street Art in Moscow. He participated in 2017 in the Memorie Urbane festival in Gaeta in Italy, exhibiting there at the Street Art Place gallery with Apollo Torres and presented his fourth solo exhibition "Inconvenient" at A7mA gallery. In 2018 he made painting against excessive alcohol consumption, executed large-scale mural with the artists Enivo and Quinho Fonseca at Sesc Santana and panel in the city of Cali in Colombia besides directing the art of the animated short film Subsolo by Erica Maradona of Otto Desenhos. In 2019 he won the main prize of the Bunge Foundation in the street art category and held the solo exhibition Infamous at A7mA gallery. In 2020 he painted in the neighborhood of Campo Limpo in the south zone of São Paulo celebrating health professionals and in the same year he made a large panel at the entrance of the Institute of Arts at UNICAMP by invitation of the rector Marcelo Knobel. In 2022 he started a sequence of murals in large format (gables) with themes rarely seen in the city thanks to the financing of the project by the artist himself, occurring 100% free of commercial interests.

First time in Europe and Italy for Memorie Urbane 2017 with walls made in Terracina, Fondi and Scauri.



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