Andrea Ravo Mattoni


“I am convinced that between contemporary art and that of the past there is a deep connection.” Andrea Ravo Mattoni is by now known for his duplication of great classic masterworks in big scale on big walls of cities.The artist's goal is “to intrigue and to expose the most people possible to the strenght and beauty of classical art: bringing the paintings on the streets and to the attention of the population. The deep bond that unify contemporary art and classical art is not stopped outdoor but continues on canvas. The artist is working on a series titled “Echo”, always inspired by great classics and always realized only with spray colours. The works are not a faithful copy of the original, but the great masterwork's call is presented as an echo, a past reminescence in the present, that gives life to works in which two different languages coexist: the classic one with the contemporary breakdown of spray's use that is highlighted in some details of the work. The works that we indroduce today are a preview of his first solo show “Echo in Venice” curated by Davide Rossillo that is going to be unveiled in Venice on  November 2017.



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