Kingdom Juicy - Koctel - solo show

Kingdom Juicy - Koctel - solo show
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First solo show of the artist from Andalusia 'Koctel'

Fernando Hernández Arboleda, better known under the pseudonym of Koctel, was born in Granada, Spain, in 1989, he currently lives and works between Madrid and Shanghai (China), new city of adoption. Koctel designs his world, inspired by the smells and tastes he loves. Through his work the artist wants to transport us into an atmosphere saturated with colors between the tropical and the tiki, passing through the Chinese culture that he admires a lot.

His characters are fruits that acquire humanity and become the protagonists of his canvases, the full and fluo colors give an incredible strength and positivity to all his work. For his first solo show in Italy he decided to create a series of incredible works on canvas and paper, with new ways of experimentation that will surely tickle you. In 2018 and 2019 he participated in Memorie Urbane realizing building works in Fondi, Terracina and Isernia




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