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Street Art Place is an online web gallery born in 2014. Original, print, screenprint and sculptures of international street and contemporary artist are available for collectors and lovers of art. Street Art Place is a branch of Memorie Urbane the street art festival established in 2011 that, during just a 5-year period, has carried out more than 180 projects in 10 Italian cities, effectively turning them into open-air museums by revamping walls otherwise fallen in disrepair and neglect.

The aim of Street Art Place is to support the artistic recovery promoted by the urban festival Memorie Urbane as well as providing the festival with a higher degree of independence.

The project aims to establish an international platform not only for the retrieval of the works of those artists who have participated in the festival, but also to establish an art workshop for the production of art multiples.

In March 2016, after two years from the birth of the online gallery, we founded in Gaeta, Piazza Traniello 14, the Street Art Place | Urban Gallery

Curator and art advisor of the gallery Davide Rossillo, for info: contact@streetartplace.com