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Borondo - plexiglass - CONTACT US FOR ENQUIRY

Silkscreen – 9 layers scratched by the artist
Pvc, Pet 3mm
Hand finished
50 x 70 cm with frame on wood with deep edge 3,5 cm

this is the number 21 of 40

signed on front by the artist

contact us for enquiry

included the limited edition book Memento Mori of Borondo

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“It took three weeks to create Eva (spread over two years…but that’s another story). The work was complex; we decided to use PVC as printing material because an important part of Borondo’s research is focused on the option offered by transparencies.
Aesthetically speaking, the goal was to reach a formal result similar to the artist’s painting technique.”

Borondo – Memento Mori

Publisher: Yard Press
Size: 17 x 24 cm
Hard cover with silkscreen print. Bookbinding sewn with thread.
Pages: 284
Release Date: 2015

Numbers edition: 1000

Sketches, drawings, photographic references produced and gathered in the past years by the artist. Photos by Borondo and friends during his travels. 284 pages that narrate Borondo’s creative process, his art and information on the artist until 2014, through texts by Edoardo Sassi, Simone Pallotta, Carmen Maín and James Buxton.

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