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Sav45 painter and street artist, of Russian origin but now adopted by the Catalan people. Figurative extraction. With strength and determination in its trait, pure energy that emanates from its cans to create immense monochromatic figures composed of lines as if they were an immense sketch, lines that seem to be moving, pure kinetic energy. His work is inspired by classics and has many urban references. In addition to the spray, it does not disdain the use of the roller for large work surfaces.

First time in Italy with  Memorie Urbane on 2019 and wall made in Lenola.



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Sav45 - Medusa - Canvas


Medusa unique canvas from the artist Sav45

acrilic and spray on canvas size 80x100 cm

signed on back

come with coa

ship on roll if you desire on flat contact us

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