Video of the artist at work for Memorie Urbane


Hyuro (1974-2020)  is an Argentinian born urban artist best known for her black and white murals, paintings and drawings, focused on the visual expression.

Hyuro was born in Argentina, but lives in Spain for quite a while now. She used to paint on canvas but then she met Escif – and decided to give street art a try. After a while, there was no turning back, she was seduced by it. However, she continued to produce paintings and drawings as well. The meaning of her artist name HYURO, is actually a mix between her two surnames.

The artworks of Hyuro are in perfect harmony with the dark tone of the atmosphere painted murals in his raids, which illustrates the concerns and fears that any single identity hidden in his being.

Memorie Urbane invite for first time in Italy on 2013 and 2014 for wall in Gaeta, Terracina and Formia



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