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SNIK are an art duo based in the United Kingdom. With over a decade’s experience painting walls inside and out they have established themselves as one of the most interesting and progressive stencil artists of the moment. Their bold aesthetic is characterized by frozen scenes of dynamic action often at impressive scale, however it is the delicate details of the everyday which make their works particularly unusual. Rather than an elaborate narrative, SNIK seek to elevate the subtle and often unremarkable details of a single moment; tangled strands of hair, folds and textures of fabrics. It is this focus which has come to define their work.

First italian wall with Memorie Urbane in 2017.

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Snik - Fix the Sky - artist...


screen print on somerset paper satin 300gr

hand finish with green spray by the english duo

artist proof hand finish with green fluo spray

size 52 x 97 cm

come with coa

shipping fee included for selected country