Nafir began his journey in the street art universe back in 2008, to fight political censorship and social problems in his country. His works had a great impact, but what took him to the height of success was coming back to his roots with a more intimate perspective, rediscovering the ancient traditions of Persia.

He found the idea of his stage name in a poetry book by Rumi, the most famous Persian poet from 13th Century. The literal translation of Nafir is “scream”.

His work consists on painting with stencils and sprays on typical objects from Persian culture, like carpets and ceramics. Mixing the images with the complex geometry of Persian textures, Nafir is able to catch the mysterious soul that hides in traditional objects and to give them a new life.
Every work is unique, like every texture. As he says, it is the texture to choose the picture he is going to create.

His paintings can be found all around the globe, in Iran, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Italy, Germany, Norway, Netherlands, Switzerland, Turkey, India and Georgia. He recently participated in Urban Nation, in Berlin.

Nafir lives and works in Tehran, Iran.

His first time in Italy was with Memorie Urbane in 2015 and then in 2016, painting in Gaeta, Cassino, SS Cosma e Damiano, Fondi and Valmontone.

He had his first italian show titled “Made in Iran” at Street Art Place in 2016, with his fellow countrymen Khamoosh and FRZ.

On 2021, come to paint walls for “” project and for his first italian solo show “You Will Never Can’t Stop Because You Know How To Stop” in Formia at Davide Rossillo Contemporary.

He came back again on 2023 for 'Queens of Liberty' solo show in Formia at Davide Rossillo Contemporary for Memorie Urbane 2023.



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