Jofre Oliveras

Jofre Oliveras is a visual artist cultural manager and activist. He is identified for work social art applied to the public space. His work is an investigation of the contemporary societies. His research aims for generate critique and debate of the power conflicts.

He is based in Konvent an artistic residence space dedicated to develop underground cultural projects. His experience on squating and self-suficience are keys to reform this art residence that uses the old nunery and abandoned factory of Cal Rosal, one industrial colony of Catalonia.

In the art Works Jofre Oliveras uses many different kind of techniques. His work is almost allways outdoor, for this reason he is often conditioned by the context. Therefore the realisation of an idea implies the assimilation of a new connection with the space. .

In Jofre’s work process is a dialogue between environment and art work. His conceptual work is based on the influence of environment on ideas. This influence is what he calls “through the experience of the trip”. This are the situations experienced in the course of one work to the next. In this way, the topics discussed are always of actuallity.

Therefore the aspect of the work is conditioned by external values. Either by the material used or by the work process. Therefore the adaptation to the environment determines the idea, the material and the work process. This way of working has led Jofre Oliveras to consider his work as “landscape work”.






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