Stencil artist Kunstrasen was born in 1979 in the south-west of Germany. He spent his younger years in Canada and then he moved to the UK to complete his studies.

His moniker means “astroturf” and it also combines two German words, “Kunst” and “Rasen”, which respectively stand for “art” and “speed”. This pun reveals the purpose behind Kunstaren’s art: a deep research for authenticity and a critical look on contemporary society and economic system. His peculiar style overturns the classical art canon, playing ironically with mainstream cultural references and questioning our globalized civilization with cutting satire.

His first time in Italy was with Memorie Urbane in 2016, when he painted walls in Gaeta, Fondi and Cassino. He had three solo shows at Street Art Place gallery, the first in 2016 called “It’s Your Hell, Not Mine”, the second in 2020 titled “Is This Art?” and the last on 2022 titled "Signs of Kunst"

Kunstrasen currently works and lives in Germany.



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