Chazme 718


Daniel Kalinski aka CHAZME 718, was born in Switzerland in 1980, then moves to Warsaw, where now lives and works. In 2008 graduated in Architecture from Warsaw University. His Architecture education influences strongly is production: the artist looks at the city, at the urban hambient, that reproduces in his works with solids and abstract geometries giving life to Utopian architectural constructions. For Chazme is important that the artwork integrates with what is around it, using geometric forms, trying to go with the originary building's shape. The artist has already taken part in Memorie Urbane 2016, working together with Sepe in Fondi.

The subject of the artwork-titled "the Trial of Joseph K"- is the main character of "The Process", the unfinished Franz Kafka's novel, beautiful and alarming of society's abuses on man. Chazme 718 alone was invited again in 2017 for realizing his biggest intervention ever in Formia, on the back of a decaying school, the artwork title is "Silence in Eur", recalling rationalist architectures, loved by the artist, and De Chirico's works.



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