Born in Valencia, Spain (1978)

In 2003 Bachelor of Fine Arts - San Carlos, UPV - Valencia. Since then, his professional and artistic career has been focused and developed in mural painting and visual art, as well some animation, illustration and comics, participating in many international exhibitions and festivals and holding workshops and conferences in both independent and institutional organizations.

He has been painting graffiti since 1994-95. When he draws, he breaths. Since 2012 he’s been developing a project called ‘'THE INSIDER”, which is part of an introspective investigation of his feelings and life. I draw my inner life as he considers his relationships with others and himself. Thus, he understands science-fiction representational codes as a way to achieve (to construct) a personal truth.

On Memorie come for first time in Italy on 2017 for a wall and on 2018 for the first Italian Show in our Gallery Street Art Place.


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