Addison Karl

Contemporary self-taught artist, Addison's work is created in the United States and Internationally. Throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. His work includes paintings, sculptures, installations, and public art, including large-scale murals.

His art-centric focus weaves through multidisciplinary materials and methods to create a visual narrative. The execution of Addison’s visual library is deeply rooted in the methods of creation. Pulling references from personal interactions, nature, culture, history of humanity, altruism, color perception and emotional states.

Initiated on blank paper, notes, and sketches, his work finds itself on canvas, sculpture, installation, and embedded in public space. He assesses these works as a pictorial narrative of altruism. The work attempts to expand the viewer’s understanding of the context, structures, and surfaces it inhabits – adding life to his work & striving towards a meticulous harmony & balance between that & the pre-existing environment.

He builds from an early background in printmaking, held in a private studio for more than 15 years. Addison’s ongoing determination to keep learning about both traditional Chickasaw and Choctaw methods of creating, as well as contemporary painting and sculpture techniques. Through his work, he creates a visual narrative that responds to his heritage and being a Culture Bearer.

With Memorie Urbane partecipate on 2023 at the collective show 'My Song'


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