Kori - Nikola Mihajlović

Nikola Mihajlović - Kori, from Belgrade, acquired the title of M.Arch in 2011. From 2008. actively involved in street art/mural art and later in the studio painting. Participant in a number of mural festivals and projects in Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, India, Vietnam, Greece and the Balkans. Solo Exhibitions in Switzerland and Serbia, group shows in Germany, Belgium and Serbia. He was the winner of the first prize at the national art competition "Voyage Bleu". He is an abstract painter/muralist of the new generation. His inspiration mostly comes from beyond the physical- material world, sometimes including the digital dimension. He understands the surface as an important part of a specific context where his intervention can manipulate its role. He plays with the observer's perception and emphasizes abstract thinking as a high-level tool for perceiving the multidimensional world, both on canvas and the wall. His art is based on the concept of contrasts between energies, influenced by architectural ethics and aesthetics, expressed through personal emotions.

With Memorie Urbane on 2023 partecipate at collective show 'My Song'


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