Dale Grimshaw


Born in 1971 in Lancashire, North England, Dale Grimshaw is a figurative painter and one of the most talented street artists of the world.

The evolution in his work took his intimate and psychological painting narrative, where dreams and nightmares came to life stroke after stroke, to subjects that are more realistic and political but yet extremely emotional and sincere.

After an abusive childhood, he found his resolution in expressing himself with art, as he started painting at the age of 12. He took his passion to the next level by graduating in Fine Art at the Middlesex University of London, where he learnt different techniques, which he’s able to mix even when he works on walls, using spray paint, stencil supports and redefining everything with oil technique.

His powerful images act as a bridge from his soul to the mind’s viewer, creating an intense experience that is hard to forget. Grimshaw’s subjects catch in their eyes a glare of humanity, which reflects his deep sensitivity and philanthropic spirit.

Grimshaw is devoted to the cause of West Papua occupied by Indonesia, to whom he dedicates his recent works.

He has had shows in London, Berlin, Rome, Paris and New York and he realized his first wall in Italy for Memorie Urbane on 2017, in the town of Formia.

Dale Grimshaw currently lives and creates in London, UK.


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