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Dale Grimshaw

Dale Grimshaw was born in Lancashire, in the North of England. During a difficult childhood, his drawing and painting became extremely important to him. He developed his skills at college, firstly with an Art Foundation course at Blackburn College and later he studied fine art to degree level at Middlesex University in London. Dale has a successful gallery career. He has had five solo shows in Signal Gallery, London and numerous group shows including those Berlin, Paris, New York, Stockholm and Rome. More recently he has been devoting time to street murals and has been widely recognised as one of the most powerful and talented of street artists on that scene. Dale’s work is boldly figurative and is inspired by his strongly held humanitarian beliefs. However this political message is always achieved by an emphasis on powerful direct emotions and a deep empathy for his subjects. First wall realised in Italy for Memorie Urbane 2017.

Dale grimshaw english street artist

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Dale Grimshaw - The Race of...


Mixed media Acrilic and spray pnpaper 350gr + collage

size 42x59cm FRAMED SIZE 59x77cm

frame free from a show

signed in front and back  by the artist

shipping fee included for different country

come with coa