Petites Luxures

The iconographic universe of Petites Luxures was born in 2014 from the creative genius of Simon Frankart, illustrator, graphic designer and advertising art director. The absolute protagonist of his work is eroticism, which Frankart accesses through a minimalist, ironic and elegant trait, which rejects the explicit and moves on the level of the imagination. His characteristic “unfinished” drawings on a white background meet the viewer's mental space with mischievous lightness. Here the latter is invited to complete the lines and contours, just hinted at, with his own eyes and feelings, thus becoming an active part of the artistic experience. With an Instagram account of around 1.3 million followers, Petites Luxures has collaborated with numerous brands and with important magazines, such as Playboy and Vanity Fair. He has exhibited in Paris, Rome, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. Petites Luxures is one of the four artists who will take part in the 2022 edition of Urban Memories. This year's project includes an artist residence and a final exhibition in the ancient oil mill in the village of Maranola (Formia), with an event lasting three days.

Simon Frankart lives with his family in the French countryside near Paris.


Residenza Maranola- Memorie Urbane, Foto di Emanuele Rea-109.jpg

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