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Sema Lao

Sema Lao is a self-taught street artist of Sino-German origins born in 1987 in France. She found her unique style by mixing her passion for realistic drawing with the art of controlling colors.

Her talent took her to experiment different techniques, from painting with acrylics to drawing with dry pastels, but the revolution in her life passed through the cold metal of a spray can.
In 2011 she finally found her way to express herself by painting on walls with sprays, something that gives her the chance to play with colors and to use them to communicate different and powerful emotions.
The incredible control she has on tints allows her to bring her portraits to life like a sculptor does with marble, without using contour lines, just combining colors and shades.

Sema says that what guides her in the creation of her works is the child inside her, something that should always be present in everyone’s life. Her favorite subjects are children, women and animals with sincere and spontaneous expressions. Her works are impressive and intense and her original touch makes her more popular every year all around the globe.

Sema Lao painted her first wall in Italy with Memorie Urbane in 2015. Then she came back for “” project in 2017. In the summer of 2021 she had a solo show titled “Emphasis” in Formia in Davide Rossillo Contemporary gallery.

She currently lives and works in Limoges with her family.



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SEMA LAO - 25 November -...


Giclèe fine art print on watercolor paper 220gr 100% cotton

Size 45cm x 35cm

limited edition of 49 pieces

number 2 available only

signed in front and numbered by the artist

this is an edition made by street art place

Sema Lao - Stories - hand...


giclee fine art on cotton paper 280 gr

Size: 65cm x 53cm

hand finish with acrilics

Signed by the artist in front and numbered edition of only 11

number 7 available

this is an edition made by street art place

Sema Lao - Nectar - Skate...


edition of 20 each unique hand finish by artst with spray

size 20,5 x 82 cm

print on canadian mapple wood

come with coa signed by the artist

if you interested possible order a skate wall mount

at 20€ here the pics

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