Eron is the pseudonym of a contemporary artist who has developed a unique and original style that is particularly stunning. The work of one of the most well know exponents of Italian graffiti and street art often touch on social issues.

Eron’s art goes beyond pure representation of the subject. He is well-known for his series of pieces that shows ghostly figures who appear on the walls beneath exhaust vents like his piece from the series of works Soul of the Wall, located near Piazza del Popolo, in the Italian city of Arezzo, Tuscany. The artwork was painted on the site where a bomb destroyed a huge part of the Arezzo military complex during the Second World War.

He was awarded best Italian street artist by the specialized magazine “AL Magazine” at the end of the 90s. He has been continuing, since then, to experiment and to improve his spray painting technique to achieve a unique and recognized pictorial result. Famous at international level for his figurative research in the field of street art and contemporary painting, Eron has been invited to display his works in several personal and collective exhibitions together with Obey, Ericailcane, Blu, Ozmo, Dem, Andreco, Olek, Phase 2, Flavio Favelli, Gabriele Basilico, Enzo Cucchi. For the first time in history, with the work

“Forever and ever... Nei secoli dei secoli...” painted by Eron in 2010, street art entered the place where Art has been transcending time for centuries: the church. The "consecration" of an art that up until the present day has been subject to a “universal prejudgement”... In 2012, the MMOMA magazine, official magazine of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, wrote an exhaustive paper about Eron for the original character and poetics of his figurative style which combines drawing and reality by mixing up their boundaries.

Eron creates his works on the streets and on canvas, always taking into account the surrounding environment. The works that Eron creates on urban walls often concern social issues, whereas when he uses spray paint on canvas in his studio, his figurative research goes beyond the mere representation of a subject.

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