Pretta Fiore

Luciana Pretta Fiore (1980, Bahia, Brazil) lives and works in Italy. She graduated in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, under the guidance of Luca Caccioni. In 2013, at the same Academy, she attended the II level Diploma Course in Photography. Previously she attended the Painting Course at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome (2007) and the School of Fine Arts at the Federal University of Bahia-UFBA in Brazil (2004). ‘’Letting go of memories and feelings is certainly an exercise in self-awareness”, she says. Starting from the philosophy of "Puer Aeternus" (young forever), her personal investigation is closely linked to childish aesthetics, free from the prejudices imposed by today's society, inspired by Jung's theory. Today she analyzes memories, the almost inaccurate ones, vague in a sort of self-analysis of lived experiences, almost non-existent traces of distant memories. Although her work is almost always pictorial, as a technique, it is multifaceted and experimental in nature, analyzing different materials and themes, from recycled wood to paper, from clay to porcelain. The exbitions in which she has partecipated include ‘’ Genesis, spirit and matter’’ at the Brazilian Embassy in Rome(2022) and many others in the past in cities like Moscow (2021), Faenza (2020), Dachau (2018), Rome (2018).

With Memorie Urbane on 2023 partecipate at collective show 'My Song'


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