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Escif is a graffiti artist. He works upon the walls of his home city of Valencia, Spain (and beyond), his arresting black-and-white-and-minimal vignettes depicting strange and thoughtful scenes. The paintings are deceptively simple yet inspired and often incorporate repetitive elements drawn from his personal symbology, which oddly enough may elicit an equally strong response from the viewer.Black holes; walking walls; tumbling, floating, or falling common objects… there is a mysterious commentary spread over the urban surface that can puzzle and intrigue while somehow making perfect sense. Escif intentions ambiguity in his vertical masonry canvases. When he feels he’s getting tired and predictable, he moves on, looking for new languages that put the past in doubt and reinforce the process of eternal learning. Escif feels strongly that graffiti removed from the street loses its validity and purpose. The attempts of the established art world to embrace, incorporate, and curate the interventions that a street artist deploys on the walls of the city completely miss—no, lose—the point. He says, “Graffiti as a concept implies transgression of “public” space, and because of this its institutional adaptation ceases to have value.”

Escif come different time on Memorie Urbane for realise wall, on 2012 and 2013 in Terracina and Gaeta.


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ESCIF - The reader - limited


limited edition print at 100 this is the number ..

signed and numbered by the artist on front

size 25 x 35 cm  on paper tintoretto 300gr

shipped on roll or flat

contact us for enquiry

Escif - Credit War- limited

Signed and numbered by ESCIF IN FRONT
offset litograph print on Fedrigoni Tintoretto 250g Paper hand finish
Size: 49,5 x 34,5cm
edition of 90 numbered and signed in front

hand finish with pencil

ship in roll

contact us for enquiry


Escif - Todo va Bien -...


Unique artwork of escif

watercolor and pencil on cotton paper 300 gr

size 32,5 x 45,5  new

with pass partout included 53x 66 cm

year 2013

come with coa

shipped on flat


ESCIF - Coreographies -...

Blue edition
9 colour hand pulled screen print on Somerset Velvet White 300gsm
Edition of 40, signed and numerated by the artist
this is the number 7 year 2012
Size: 60cm x 30cm

Escif - Another Wall - Limited


Edition of 100. Signed and numbered by the artist. Dimensions: 47.5 x 64cm
Six colour silk screenprint on 330gsm archival paper

this is the number 6

come with coa

shipping fee included for selected country

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