Marchal Mithouard aka Shaka, is a French street artist, known for expressing the absurdity of human behavior through his artwork. Amazing techniques and methods that the artist applies on canvas and walls, thereby creating three-dimensional illusion, leaves nobody indifferent. He relates his graffiti's, sculptures and paintings with the desire for freedom, whose inspirational vibes he founds in anarchy, Jamaican music and alternative culture. Coming from the suburbs of Paris, his pieces show the reflection of differences that exist between people. He uses body, and its perfectly imperfect shapes and lines, as the central theme in most oh his works to show the complexity of mankind nature



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Shaka - canvas signed


fineart on canvas

edition of 8 this is number 7

signed and numbered on back

come with coa

size artwork 28x44 cm

size framed 32x48cm

frame free from a show

This in an artwork of Benoît Poelvoorde from the film Man Bites Dog.

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