FRZ was born in Tabriz, an Iranian town where today he lives and works. He began painting the walls using the stencil technique, not only for an artistic choice but mostly because, in a country where street art is still illegal and where the artists are subject to a strong political censorship, it is necessary to minimize the time of realization of the walls. The artistic production of FRZ is not confined to stencil art but it is characterized by the plurality of techniques that the Iranian artist uses, from poster art to the realization of large-scale murals, up to the use of mirroring surfaces making the viewer interact directly with the work. Finally in 2014 his artistic research moves towards the motifs of Islamic art and the Persian textile tradition.

For his first participation to the festival Memorie Urbane 2016 first time in Italy, FRZ made two different bus shelters in Gaeta and a large wall in Valmontone. The Iranian artist was also one of the protagonists of the exhibition «Made in Iran» which was held at Street Art Place gallery in Gaeta.

On 2018 we made with the artist a solo show in our gallery in Rome title ' Transparent Revolution' video link here



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