Frederico Draw


Street artist from Portugal, Frederico transposes the human figure and the expression of the body on a large scale. He has been a member of the “Colectivo RUA” since 2011 and his career already counts several exhibitions and projects. He is also the organizer and artistic director of the PUTRICA project.

Master in Architecture by FAUP [2006-13] and member of RUA Collective [2011], Frederico Draw uses spray cans as if they were pencils. He usually draws anonymous faces, portraits of random people in a large scale. His unique style is characterized by and unfinished trait that adds lyricism to the subject. He turns every surface into a wide sketching pad where charcoals are replaced by spray cans.

The theatrical effect of his countenances is coming from the extremely detailed gazes of his subjects, which are in contrast with the roughness of the face. Draw is also the artistic director of PUTRICA (Propostas Urbanas Temporárias de Reabilitação e Intervenção Cultural e Artística), a project that uses street art to turn empty urban sites into spaces with an artistic and cultural value.

First time in Italy with Memorie Urbane on 2015 and on 2016 for he first italian solo show 'People from the World'



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